Did you know that different communities have different restrictions about how many – and what kind of pets you can have in a residence? 

Lots of people think pet rules only apply to condos or how you handle your pets outside.  If you can’t face getting rid of fluffy when you move to a condo, you need to check that out before you even consider walking through the door. More condos accept cats than they do dogs, which I find interesting. Cats have attitudes (can you tell I’m a dog person?) 

Before you make any serious moves about moving, do some research about the community and residence ordinances about pet ownership. In some places, such rules probably originated to deal with historic issues like pet hoarders and puppy mills. But if you’re looking at buying a house and you have a dog, or cat, or ferret, or something else, you really need to check out the rules. 

Remember, it’s not just a matter of knowing the leash laws, but there are regulations that reach inside your home as well. You don’t want to be surprised, so have your real estate agent find out for you.