Are you ready to build your dream home?  Found the perfect lot but don’t know where to go from there?

Start by talking to your agent.  She will have a grasp on the best reputed builders in town!  First of all, you want to avoid builders who have poor reputations for after-build service or poor-quality workmanship, no matter what your budget, you should focus on a quality build.  Next, you should like their product. Arrange to view their homes IN PERSON!  Everything looks great on-line. 

Then, and this part reminds me of my old job as a photographer, you should interview the builder to see if you’re a good fit personality-wise.  It IS a bit like hiring a wedding photographer. This is someone you’re going to go through a big expensive, emotionally taxing process with. You want someone you’re going to be comfortable facing problems with because, no matter how great things are and how well you click in the beginning, there will be challenges along the way.

Let me say that again: there will absolutely be challenges. If you feel you’re going to have uncomfortable, confrontational experiences with this builder, consider rethinking your choice. If you feel this builder is going to have your back, that he or she is going to come to you with solutions to the challenges, and you can have open, honest dialogue with, then likely that’s going to be your best choice. This type of relationship is even more critical with a year like we’ve had ­– and may continue having – with material shortages, COVID protocols, storms in Texas causing resin shortages, lumber costs, etc. Your builder should be someone who offers solutions when your tile is stuck on a freighter in the middle of the ocean.

A lot of people pick a builder because their friends did. But you should ask questions, ask for references, and walk through some of their homes. Open your eyes wide and pay attention to any and all red flags.  I often walk my clients through the WHOLE process… I’ve built a few homes myself and can be there to ask the questions you haven’t even thought of!  Are you ready to get started?  I’m already so excited for you!