If anything pandemic and closed borders have taught us, it’s we can look to our own backyard for our physical and emotional rejuvenation. Saskatchewan has over 1000 lakes and many make great vacation destinations. Sometimes buying an existing property isn’t in the cards: we can’t find what we want. What we do find hasn’t been well maintained, or it’s too expensive. Don’t despair. There are options.

Shores on Cowan, a beautiful development 15 km North of Big River, SK, has some really great lots available!

A possibility might include putting an RTM (Ready to Move) cabin on a piece of land. Take a look at Prairie Castle Developments.  Or you might want to put a park model trailer on a piece of land, then landscape as if it was a cabin. (Check out my awesome listing at 3 Wacasa Ridge, Wakaw Lake!) An RTM can be moved on to a site with concrete pad, and you hook up plumbing. There are RTM-hybrids; you don’t need a concrete foundation so the home can be moved off again if your life changes. Check out Humble Homes!  These options are lot more affordable than building a cabin or buying an existing property. If a cabin needs work or you want to build and you live three hours away, you won’t know local trades. And building at a distance will be difficult to manage. Most mortgage companies will fund an RTM, so do a little research about what you can do with a piece of land. Start your research with me.

Many lots at Shores on Cowan are ideal for walk-out basements and large enough to for all your toys!

Vacation properties or recreational properties make great investments as rentals, too. You can often get per week what you would normally get for rent per month in the city. Even though you have the income potential for only four to five months out of the year, it still can be lucrative. You can book off your own time for a holiday, and have it pay for itself the rest of the season. With so many lakes to choose from, you decide what you’re looking for. A party spot, a social community, or a quiet secluded fishing lake? Dig in. Saskatchewan has it all.