You might think this topic is kind of boring, but its super important. You’ve got to eat your supper before you get dessert.  Here’s the thing. I want to sell you a house.  I want to find you your new home.  And I’m speaking as a big, huge fan of dessert. 

Ice Cream Pie Recipe Below

Knowledge Is Power 

Prequalifying is a must-do.  I can find you a great house, but there’s no point in getting you, the sellers, excited if you are $300,000 over your budget.  I don’t want to lead you down a road to disappointment.  It’s not fair to anyone involved – you, me, potential sellers – if I am showing you homes you can’t afford.  I also don’t want to put anyone vulnerable at risk.  In this strange world we are living in, also known as Covid-19, we need to be considerate of everyone’s personal space.  We cannot go see a house just for fun.

Sometimes when you go through the pre-qualify process, while it can be painful, you might find out you can’t afford a home right now.  Or maybe you can, but in a price range of houses you don’t particularly like.  I can work with you so you can put your time to good use, figure out a financial plan, and get you to the range you do like.  I have an arsenal of professionals to help you figure out what you need to do. 

Here’s How It Works 

Say you put an offer in on a house.  You put a deposit down and we make it conditional on financing.  Oops, then you don’t qualify.  It’s just been a waste of time and a recipe for disappointment.  Think of it like this.  You wouldn’t go on a trip for groceries with no idea how much money you’ve got in your pocket.  You wouldn’t go buy a pair of jeans if you didn’t have a good idea of the price and how much you can pay.  A house is like that, only bigger. 

We’ll work with professionals to gather all your financial and situational information.  They can tell you what products are available like mortgages and lenders.  They can advise you on what you can comfortably look at for a mortgage. 

Stay Cool 

Here’s another big fat slice of advice.  Once you get prequalified, don’t buy a boat. Don’t buy a new car.  Don’t put any big ticket items on Visa.  Don’t go on a winter holiday.  Don’t change work status.  Don’t co-sign anything.  Once your prequalify is done, stay cool.  Stay focused on your goal.  Don’t even pre-furnish the house.  Once you prequalify for the mortgage, you might feel you’ve got buying power.  You do – for that house.  Anything else you are tempted to buy will affect your status. 

Just keep your eyes on the house prize – and dessert.  Make mine Ice Cream Pie.

Ice Cream Pie Recipe- So fun and easy with kids!


  • Graham Crust
  • 1 package of Jell-O (any flavour)
  • Water
  • Vanilla Ice Cream


  • Prep the graham crust
  • Mix Jell-O with 1 cup of hot water
  • Stir in 2 cups of ice cream
  • Pour filling into crust
  • Refrigerate until firm