Hey there! I’m, Heather. Welcome to my new website, and welcome back to my blog. I promise I won’t post photos of my drool-worthy lunch or my super-cute dogs, gorgeous kids and hot husband (at least not often). 

This is going to be a stuffed duffel bag blog, full of all sorts of info about selling your home, buying a home – and everything you need to know about doing both. I’ll share ideas to help you understand the real estate market, industry developments that affect you, proven and creative ways to get your home ready for sale, random, funny and sometimes weird stuff that pops into my head, and what to look for when it’s time to buy. Check in often. I’ve got a lot of ideas to share, a few strange and wonderful stories, and some useful tricks and tips. 

If you want to know more about me, please take a peek at the bio link on my website. But, psst… If you want to know me a little better right now, there’s this:  

  • My greatest passion in life is connecting people–not match making (I’ll leave that to other social media sites).
  • If you have a need, I usually have a “guy” (and that’s not gender specific).
  • I’m terrified of sharks, so the landlocked prairies are perfect for me.
  • I’m afraid of creepy basements. I’ll tell you a story sometime!!!
  • I slammed my own face in a car door and required stitches. Yes, I’m that intent on doing my job that sometimes I forget to get my face out of my own way. (not true, I was just excited to go camping.)
  • I love sour gummy candies A LOT!
  • I’m a mom to teenagers. Enough said.
  • I sat on a cactus the day I quit smoking (years ago). And the take-away from that is if you can get through the day that you sat on a cactus without smoking you can get through any day without smoking.
  • I once lived in the Yukon. Because I’m tough. And I think the moose is a majestic beast.
  • I was dating two Robs at the same time, kept one of them.
  • I’ve lived all across Canada and Saskatoon is where we chose to raise our kids…(see below)

Why Saskatoon? 

I love this city, and I’m proud to help make this community a great place to live. My family is remarkable. My cool kids, Grayson and Sam, the silver fox–my husband Rob. And rounding out the pack are two dogs (for now): Georgia is the salty old lady Shihtzu and Willow, the world’s happiest and most photogenic Standard Poodle. Saskatoon is our home, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Oh, and I know what I said about posting photos of family, dogs, lunch.  I was lying. Sometimes you just can’t resist showing off what motivates you every day!