One of the first things I say to sellers is don’t get insulted by any offer. It is not the buyer’s intent to ridicule you. I’ve actually told people, “Look, the offer is $50,000 less than your asking price. Fine. We can counter. Now if they told you your child is ugly, then you can be insulted!” 

Remember you’re trying to make the very best financial decision and life change for your family. So is the buyer. You don’t know how their agent is advising them, so when you get an offer that is not what you expect or is something you don’t feel you can consider, don’t take it personally. 

If the offer is below what you want to accept, consider it a point of negotiation. Most of the time, they’re trying to find the playing field. You wouldn’t believe how many times we start out quite far apart. Then we counter. They come up with another figure and end up with a comfortable price for everyone. 

If the buyer is in it to win it, they will come up. Or as the seller, if you can, adjust your expectations a little. In the end, you sell, they buy. Ultimately, if you just can’t come to terms, we wish everyone well and go our separate ways. 

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I believe if every buyer and seller stopped looking at the other party as the enemy who is trying somehow to stick it to them, negotiations would be a lot less stressful. Some people do go into selling or buying with a big dose of suspicion and I try to talk that through very early on. 

I find especially if I work well with the other agent, the process can be very smooth and efficient, and buying or selling a home can be so much less stressful.